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Primrock provides balance and capacity services. We operate decentralized units supplying adequate power with highest possible reliability, precision and speed. Our facilities meet the need for reserve capacity to maintain stability in the Nordic synchronous system as well as power flexibility and quality at the local level.


Primrock is the first company to provide frequency containment services in Sweden from a decentralized energy storage system. Our independence allows us to bring novel, efficient and user centric solutions to the market. We create value with an innovative multi-functional and responsive design and business model.

Supporting Sustainability

Primrock supports the expansion of renewable power generation by providing capacity that can be used as synthetic inertia and for frequency restoration after grid disturbances. In addition, our capacity services facilitate the electrification of new sectors, notably by enabling a rapid introduction of electric


Partner with Primrock

Primrock operates facilities capable of supplying local power capacity in addition to our grid services. We offer local customers the opportunity to buy power flexibility and power quality as a service. Our system is based on a combination of physical components and sophisticated controls that create substantial leverage and capacity to meet varying local needs, e.g. ultra-fast EV charging. Please contact us for more information about our capacity services.

Invest with Primrock

Primrock develops distributed facilities providing capacity and balance services. Our expansion involves additional capacity to meet the increasing demand for reserves in the Nordic system and a forthcoming need for local capacity to serve a growing fleet of electric vehicles. Institutional and professional investors can invest with us in physical capacity and decentralized system solutions. Please contact us regarding financing of our future capacity.

Work with Primrock

Primrock seeks talent that wants to work hard to make a difference. We search for souls excited by the idea of developing technology and services for a sustainable future. We search individuals motivated by challenges that require a systemic and rapid change through innovation and investment. We seek people capable of supporting decision making based on systematic analysis of data. Please contact us regarding career opportunities. [NOW HIRING!]


Primrock operates the first energy storage system to provide frequency containment services to the Swedish TSO, Svenska Kraftnät. The facility has a 0,6 MW capacity and was developed as a research project with financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency. Hardware and software were developed and approved by Svenska Kraftnät in 2019. The system started commercial operations and providing capacity to the Nordic synchronous system in the beginning of 2020. It consists of two identical and independent systems working in parallel. In 2021, the experience from Delaktig has been used for a significant scale-up in Primrock’s capacity. By the end of 2021 we expect to have increased or market share in balancing markets tenfold.

The Primrock Powerbank™

The main building block of our scalable and decentralized capacity is the Primrock Powerbank. It is a power module with capacity to provide multiple services, including peak load capacity and power quality improvements. It works at standard voltage with alternating current and can be used in any regular installation. Our proprietary design yields significant local flexibility, even with limited use of DSO capacity. It permits scaling and expansion with additional units connected in parallel depending on local needs. In the Spring and Summer of 2021 we have successfully deployed 12 units of the Primrock Powerbank. We are currently preparing a large number of new units soon to be ready for commissioning.


Gustav Bergquist is the CEO of Primrock . He has more than 10 years of experience from critical infrastructure. Gustav is a multi faceted tech guy with a business administration background. He likes to engage with customers, and he enjoys a challenge. He is passionate about building critical infrastructure to support the transition to a 100% renewable energy system. Gustav also serves as the Chairman of the Board at the Swedish Datacenter Industry Association.

Gustav Bergquist


Mattias Ganslandt is a PhD and Associate Professor (affiliated) at Lund University. He has published extensively in international peer review journals. He has spent the last 10 years inventing and developing new services and market designs in the energy sector. His passion is to provide innovative solutions that supports a faster transition to a sustainable economy. In his spare time, he enjoys cross country running and skiing, on and off the beaten path.

Mattias Ganslandt


Regulatory Update 22 September 2023

FCR Pricing Shifts to Marginal in 2024 

Starting February 1, 2024, frequency control reserves (FCR) pricing will shift to marginal pricing in two stages, aiming to increase market efficiency. Instead of pay-as-bid, providers will be compensated based on the highest bid price. The procurement of FCR takes place in two supplementary procurements the day before the day of delivery. There will therefore be two different marginal prices per product and hour, a marginal price per hour in procurement 1 and then a marginal price per hour in procurement 2. The move to a new market platform, Fifty Nordic MMS, is postponed to Q2-Q3 2024, allowing more integration testing time. An implementation guide assists FCR providers in adapting to these changes. This transition seeks to enhance transparency and streamline FCR markets. 

Read More: Svenska Kraftnät 

Nordic aFRR Plan to be Maintained 

In the last quarter of 2023 (weeks 40-52), the Nordic TSOs (Transmission System Operators) will maintain the current aFRR (Automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve) procurement plan. This means aFRR will be procured for hour 1 and hours 6-24 every day, totaling about 300 MW for most hours and around 400 MW during weekday mornings. Late evenings will also see a downregulation of about 400 MW. This plan stays in line with the goal of maintaining a stable power frequency. Any changes to this plan will be announced ahead of time. Information for Q1/2024 will be available in December 2023. 

 Read More: Svenska kraftnät 

Energy Policy Misalignment: Audit Findings 

The National Audit Office’s review of recent government decisions related to energy policy goals reveals a misalignment with ecological sustainability, security of supply, and competitiveness. Key decisions, such as power tax increases and carbon dioxide tax hikes for district heating plants, led to the closure of nuclear power reactors and cogeneration plants. These decisions lacked sufficient impact analysis, particularly regarding security of supply. The National Audit Office also criticizes Svensk kraftnät for slow action in increasing transmission capacity and underutilizing EU-mandated transmission capacity optimization. 

Read More: Svenska Kraftnät 

We keep an eye on regulatory developments and activities related to grid standards, the EU single market, Nordic TSO co-operation and national legislation. We regularly publish updates on the regulatory development with relevance for our business.

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